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Professional Web Application Development


  • Overview of the .NET Framework
  • How .NET is Different from Traditional Programming
  • Common Language Runtime (CLR)
  • Common Language Specification (CLS)
  • Common Type System (CTS)
  • .NET Assemblies
  • Microsoft Intermediate Language (CIL)
  • .NET Namespaces
  • .NET Framework Class Library
  • Creating a Project & Using the Code Editor
  • Correcting Syntax Errors, Setting Project Properties
  • Adding References, Compiling a Program
  • Running a Program, Debugging a Program
  • C# Program Structure, Defining Namespaces
  • Understanding C# Data Types


  • Defining Variables and Constants
  • Comparing Value Types vs. Reference Types
  • Working with Operators and Expressions
  • Performing Type Conversions
  • Using Console I/O
  • Formatting Numbers, Date and Times
  • Adding custom number characters to lists
  • operators (if/else, switch, while and do/while, for,foreach)
  • Defining Static and Instance Methods
  • Passing Parameters by value and by reference
  • Overloading Methods
  • Using Variable Length Parameter Lists
  • .NET Exception Hierarchy, Catching Exceptions
  • Throwing Exceptions,
  • Managing Resources with Finally


  • Using Arrays,System.Array
  • Using LINQ to Object
  • Overview of Object-Oriented Programming
  • Building Classes, Defining Properties
  • Defining Methods
  • Working with HTML and HTML5
  • Using Web.config
  • Building ASP.NET Web Forms
  • Server & Client Side Validation Controls
  • Understanding the Master Page Architecture
  • Using the Session Object
  • Reading and Writing Cookies
  • Using the Query String
  • Reading XML Data with a DataSet


  • Understanding the ADO.NET Object Model
  • Connected vs. Disconnected Access
  • Using a Command to Execute Queries and Stored Procedures
  • Using the DataSet with Disconnected Data
  • Using DataAdapters with DataSets
  • Understanding ASP.NET Data Binding
  • Examining ASP.NET Data Bound Controls
  • Using the DetailsView Control
  • Using the GridView Control
  • Understanding the ASP.NET Security Model
  • Authenticating Users, Authorizing User Requests
  • Using the ASP.NET Web Site Administration Tool
  • Understanding Deployment Issues
  • Using Visual Studio to Deploy a Web Application
  • Configuring an ASP.NET Application for Deployment

Course Description

Total 36 Class
Per Class 3 Hours
Skill Required Basic Computer
Weekly Class 3 Days
Trainer Sagor Ahmed