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Professional Web Design


  • About HTML5
  • Writing basic tags
  • Formatting content
  • Displaying images
  • Using nav, article, and div elements
  • Creating lists
  • Working with Forms
  • Controlling styling (fonts, colors, and more)
  • Using the Canvas, Audio, Flash file, and video tag
  • Table Operation
  • Linking to pages and downloadable content
  • Create & Displaying web Forms
  • Working with multiple formats
  • Creating Canvas, Audio, Flash file, and videos
  • Page Layout


  • Introducing CSS3
  • Understanding borders and backgrounds
  • Reviewing the box model,column spacing
  • Adding borders and backgrounds
  • Positioning with CSS3
  • Adding labels and basic usability features
  • Adding custom number characters to lists
  • Integrating CSS3 with HTML5
  • Styling nested lists,Highlighting table
  • Table multi-column text
  • Testing web pages in various browsers
  • Styling the background
  • Exploring basic layout concepts
  • Organizing menus with lists
  • Building dropdown menus

Java Script

  • What is JavaScript
  • What are functions
  • Understanding variable scope
  • Adding interactivity to your site
  • Getting the values from form fields
  • Working with objects and arrays
  • Using operators and control structures
  • Using functions as objects
  • Using the arguments parameter
  • Iterating with loops
  • Objects, references, and functions
  • Using user input in calculations
  • Chaining module method calls
  • Adding the jQuery $(document).ready() and mouse events

Bootstrap Framework

  • Understanding The Bootstrap Framework
  • Understanding the Bootstrap file structure
  • Exploring the 12-column grid
  • Using tabs and pills navigation
  • Downloading and installing Bootstrap
  • Changing column width and order
  • Styling buttons, images, and tables
  • Scaffolding the main columns
  • Nesting with fluid grids
  • Linking images and adding captions
  • Working with buttons
  • Creating and activating tabs
  • Creating a thumbnail gallery
  • Adding dropdown menus, tabs, accordions
  • Creating an image carousel

Course Description

Total 36 Class
Per Class 3 Hours
Skill Required Basic Computer
Weekly Class 3 Days
Trainer Fahad Hasan