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Professional WordPress Customization

Wordpress Part1

  • Basic HTML & CSS
  • Understanding DNS Basic
  • Choosing a Good Domain Name
  • Registering Your Domain Name
  • All About Web Hosts and Hosting Websites
  • How to Manage Settings and Features on Your Web Host
  • Installation Requirements for WordPress
  • Downloading WordPress to Install Yourself
  • Installing WordPress on Your Web Host Yourself
  • Setting Your Directory Permissions
  • Becoming Familiar with the Dashboard
  • Posts, Pages, Tags, Media, and More: Content Administration
  • Tapping into the Core Settings for Your Blog
  • Creating Canvas, Audio, Flash file, and videos
  • Choosing the Right Settings for Your Blog

Wordpress Part2

  • Moderating Comments and Comment Spam
  • Managing Additional Authors on Your Blog
  • Reviewing the box model,column spacing
  • Caching and Other Tune-Ups
  • WordPress.com Notes
  • Understanding Posts Versus Pages
  • Organize Your Posts with Categories
  • Connect Your Posts Together with Tags
  • Custom Post Types and Custom Taxonomies
  • Adding a Blogroll of Links to Your Blog
  • Hands On with the Editors
  • Hands on with the New Image Editor in Detail
  • Adding Media to Your Blog and Posts
  • Finding Plugins
  • Installing Plugins Quickly and Easily

Wordpress Part3

  • Upgrading Plugins
  • Recommended Plugins
  • Understanding the Structure of WordPress Themes
  • Finding Themes and Choosing the Right One for Your Blog
  • Installing Themes on Your Blog
  • Configuring Extra Features on Themes
  • All About Configuring Widgets
  • Editing a Themes to Make it Your Own
  • Using Theme Frameworks and Parent-Child Themes

Wordpress Part4

  • Theme Best Practices
  • WordPress.com Notes
  • Updating and Upgrading WordPress
  • Updating Plugins and Themes
  • Database Maintenance for WordPress Users
  • Brute Force Protection
  • Spam Comment Protection
  • Hotlink Protection
  • Malware Protection and more

Course Description

Total 36 Class
Per Class 3 Hours
Skill Required Basic Computer
Weekly Class 3 Days
Trainer Fahad Hasan